The Costco Commotion


   Amidst holiday preparations, a new Costco store in East Lyme opened Nov. 14 to help satisfy all American needs. The amount of publicity the wholesale club has received has provoked not only excitement from parents of large households but also fear of small business owners. So how does the working experience at a small store compare to working for a large chain like  Costco?

     Senior Dylan Vane, a cashier at Tri-Town Foods recalls his first day at the job: saying “It was great. I felt welcomed and knew I wanted to be there for a while.” Vane also mentioned that an “incredible” aspect of his job is that the owners are very flexible with stressful high school schedules. 

     Though we all wish to have a boss as lenient as Vane’s, Sal Calvanese, Costco Membership Manager, says “We [Costco] look for flexible hours, usually at Costco you start out limited, seasonal part-time, then if you’re a real good employee you get a permanent part-time position.” In other words, the employee must prove their dedication to the company before they can prioritize certain matters to be more important than work. In general, both Costco and Tri-Town can cater to work hours optimal for both the high school and adult categories of staff.

     For those looking for a job, keep in mind that Costco’s minimum employee age is 18 due to state regulations.However, similar stores such as Walmart and BJ’s do hire younger employees. Although Mr. Calvanese can’t say what this specific group of employees will be like, he was sure to say that “most people apply for anything because Costco is one of the most desirable companies.” 

     Job positions in Costco include checking items before shoppers leave to see if the items they have correlate with their receipts, checking membership cards at the door, and handing out food samples for the plentiful amounts of tasting stations. 

     Many students are excited for the new local experience that Costco brings.

     “I like Costco because it’s a new and exciting place in town. My friends and I go there every Monday, and even though we don’t have memberships, we can still go get free samples and play video games. It’s just a great bonding experience,” said senior Hannah Yousuf.

     As a similar work experience can be found at both extremes of business size, it’s up to you to decide what type of environment is right for the worker. Workers might prefer a more intimate and understanding mom and pop, or maybe are suited for a fast-paced, promotion-oriented workplace. Whether you have strong opinions or simply “Don’t care either way,” like Tech. Ed. teacher Rachel Redding, Costco is here to stay. As long as Americans continue to enjoy buying a 30 pack of tee shirts and 20 boxes of cereal every trip to the grocery store, Costco will reign supreme in today’s market.

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