‘Goodyear’: Nicholas DeGraff Releases New Single


If you know him, you’d know he’s always messing around with his guitar in his free time. That’s how it all started. Throughout the school days, senior Nick DeGraff, also known as Accord, would record little ideas into his work to the point where “it developed into something I realized I could put out there.”

This summer, after performing at the bandshell with his old get-together music group Will Phimister, Dylan Mckee, and Cooper Florio, all sophomores, and senior Kent Place, DeGraff found a chord progression he had really liked and kept adding onto it until he was able to title it: “Goodyear.”

Even though DeGraff simply creates music in his garage, his new indie-alternative single, “Goodyear,” inspired by underground artists such as Dayglow and Boy Pablo, will be coming out on major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music this Thanksgiving.

DeGraff understands even though alternative indie is starting to become a popular genre, that people may not like his music. This doesn’t affect him. 

“Me not changing my style of music translates to a bigger idea. People shouldn’t have to change because of other people,” he said. 

After the release, he plans to to continue on his path of creating music and work on a few other projects which are in the early production phase. He plans to continue to experiment with other genres he loves, and plans to release an album summer of 2020.

“I hope to continue to work with him in the future. We’ve already started on some other things he’s had in mind as well,” said his video producer, senior Sierra Dean who has very high hopes for his single, which they will be creating a music video for within the next few weeks. 

Co-writer of Goodyear, Madison Woods, a senior at Newsome High School, is also planning to work with Degraff in the future as well. 

“Nick’s a really funny guy: he always adds a hint of comedy in everything: with the title of his song inspired by the car-tire brand, Goodyear, and his stage-name sounding like the brand Honda Accord,” said Woods.

DeGraff’s  get-together band members, Will Phimister and Cooper Florio, had both described Nick as very focused and driven. 

“Nick is one of the most determined people I know. I know he’s gonna go places and I hope to be here to watch it happen,” said Dean.

DeGraff has one message to tell anyone who may be listening: “Don’t change what you love doing for other people.” He plans to keep at what he loves doing, and he wants this new generation to have the same mindset.

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