A Piece of Drama Club


   Take a few deep breaths, focus, and step into the spotlight. This is mortifying for most. This is the normal routine for the Drama Club. 

    “I think that playing these characters has helped me become a more authentic and genuine person because you learn how to not have any fears in real life,” said senior Brooke Erinakes. She says that her love of Drama Club stems from her passion for singing and acting.

    Their latest production is “A Piece of My Heart” on Nov. 7, 8, and 9. It is the first drama that the department has produced in years. The play is serious and it portrays experiences of women in the Vietnam War. 

   “Drama Club puts most people outside of their comfort zone,” said Erinakes. She said deep scenes on stage helped her become bolder in social interactions because she can present her true self and not be afraid of judgments. 

    Some characters are similar to the actor’s real persona, but often times the characters experience events that students may never endure. 

    “I have never been in a war zone like my character, but part of acting is finding the commonality between yourself and who you are portraying,” said junior Robby Bevacqua. To prepare for his roles he spends a lot of time with the script to analyze the characters and find similarities. 

    Bevaqua joined Drama Club later than most in the sophomore year, making it challenging for him to work with new people. He says that it is a good opportunity to make friends though. Bevaqua thinks that “A Piece of My Heart” is unique because there are six women leads.

    The director this season is new and members say she brings a fresh sense of comfortability to the club.

    “I want my cast to grow as actors and humans but I hope the production gives the audience a heightened appreciation for veterans and women,” said Sara Kelly, the Drama Club director. Julia Teixeira also continued her support for the ELHS Drama Club as producer of this year’s play.

   The “journey” of each show is what makes each production great she says.  Although every show is different, the cast enjoys coming together and working with others who are passionate about drama.

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