Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling


     Finding your passion can be an overwhelming journey, especially if there are obstacles in your way, such as not being exposed to different professions. Fortunately, organizations like Soroptimist are here to help students along that journey. 

     Soroptimist is an international organization looking to empower women to succeed in their careers. One way they do this is by introducing school clubs such as “Dream It Be It,” which provides career support for high school-aged girls. The goal is to prepare, educate, and help girls become successful women. ELHS hosted a career night for female students to talk with local successful women about their careers.

          “We like sitting at the table and changing the world,” said Lorelei Schreiber, an engineer at Electric Boat (EB) in Groton Connecticut.

    Ms. Schreiber became an engineer because she loves hands-on work, math, and solving problems. Now, she wants to share her experience in hopes of encouraging young female students to join engineering or other sciences. She has been with EB for nine years and is now the nuclear engineering supervisor. Her job is to fix submarines and replace parts, specifically in the reactor. 

       Women make up only 13 percent of the engineer population, so she hopes women will overcome the struggles of being a minority in a workforce and be a bigger force.

          Another male-dominated profession is politics. In the Connecticut State House, approximately one-third of the representatives are women. Salem and East Lyme State Representative Holly Cheeseman is a part of that third.  

     “I love arguing policy and I like being able to help my constituents,” she said. Republican Representative Cheeseman was elected for her first two-year term in 2016 and was re-elected in 2018. She is on the Energy and Technology Committee, Financial Revenue and Bonding Committee, and the General Law Committee for District 37. She urges other women and students to get involved with their communities, too.

     Health and wellness is an ever-growing field since people all over the country are looking for medical help outside of traditional fields.    Chiropractors, so far, have felt the biggest boost among them all. Luckily for EL residents, local practitioner Dr. Nadia Shipper is here to help. While most chiropractors are men, Dr. Shipper joined the field and loves what she does.

     “It’s hands-on, personal, and helpful,” Dr. Shipper said. 

     Chiropractors help relieve pain through several different methods. Some people prefer this treatment because chiropracting helps the body naturally repair itself without surgery.Dr. Shipper helps achieve this by adjusting the joints and bones of her patients without inflaiming them. 

     Being a chiropractor isn’t as common as other jobs in the medicinal field, but  students should look into this newer medicine as it could keep growing.

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