‘Tis the Season for Giving Back



     Service clubs are popular, especially Key Club. Led by senior Sana Gupta, Key Club sets the bar high for other service clubs. Key Club does this by boasting a membership of over 60 students. These students partake in community service events, partnerships with other organizations, and countless fundraisers running in and out of school. 

     They meet the first and third Wednesday of each month in Room B107 with math teacher Patricia Ferryman, the club advisor. For Gupta, community service is a meaningful way to interact with the community.

     “To help other people who might not have the same privileges as you is what being part of a community is about,” said Gupta.

    She recommends this club to everyone, especially people who have full schedules. They hold events during lunch, after school, and on weekends, leaving opportunities for everyone to get involved by accommodating all schedules.


    Chikumbuso is making an impact one person at a time. Advised by Ms. Saglio for over nine years, the club sponsors two students, Tamara and Alec, to attend school in Zambia. Ms. Saglio explains that by focusing on supporting individuals, poverty seems less  overwhelming. 

     “Education is an investment and that’s what’s powerful- it’s not just a donation. It’s an investment in someone’s future,”said Ms.  Saglio. 

     To pay for the students’ tuition, Chikumbuso organizes unique fundraisers that “are a lot of fun.” In the past, they have created the Lip Sync Battle and this year Chikumbuso wants to engage the community in funding their  students. 

     “I have been working extra hard,” wrote Tamara, one of the students in Zambia. The two students report their good grades and excitement towards school in letters to  Chikumbuso. 

     The students in Zambia are grateful for the support and Chikumbuso is always welcoming new members on Thursdays at lunch in Room A204.


    The Shoreline Leo Club has 115 members, including students from the middle school, high school, and surrounding schools such as Waterford High School and Fishers Island School. The majority of Leo Club events are through Care and Share, the local food pantry. The main objective is to spread kindness.

     “This club has taught me to just be kind to others. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t take that much effort to donate an hour or two of your time,” said club President, senior Megan   Delillo. 

     Tomorrow, Leo Club is holding two of their biggest activities of the year. First, they are working with Care and Share to organize and create holiday food baskets. Also on tomorrow night, the club will have their annual pasta supper fundraiser for Care and Share. Lion’s club prepares the food while 30-40 Leo Club members organize and run the event. Typically, the club raises 2,000 dollars from the pasta supper event. Annually, the club donates around 4,000 to local charities. 

     “The ultimate goal is to help people. Yes, there are awards for reaching a certain number of hours of community service, but I like to think that every kid who participates does it because he or she genuinely cares and wants to help others,” said Delillo.

     Other ways the Leo Club volunteers throughout the year are with car washes, lobster fests, and service dogs. Each event may only raise a few hundred dollars, but the impact of service grows throughout the year. 

     Leo Club meets on the first Thursday of each month.

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