New Noodles on the Block


     The long wait is over.

      Questions and confusion quelled. 

     Yes, the unusual signage and bright blue LEDs are now open to the public to feed your noodle-craving souls. Daddy’s Noodle Bar, however, has filled the vacancy provided by Five Guys.

     So  I went to try out their food with a couple of my friends. Due to the Saturday night crowd and having the title of being the new place in town, Daddy’s Noodle Bar was busier than usual This led to getting seated a bit slow. Once sat, our server welcomed us to the new restaurant and gave us recommendations on what food is most popular. The names of the dishes on the menu are all in Vietnamese but have numbers by the side so you don’t embarrass yourself trying to pronounce it while ordering. 

      Most of the noodle bowls are the similar, just served with different vegetables, poultry, and beef. There are also vegetarian options that have noodles and rice made from greens. I would recommend bringing at least $20, for everything on the menu was over $10. 

     Even though seating was slow and the restaurant was busy, the food came out in a reasonable time that most customers would expect. It looked appetizing and was piping hot. The broth and noodles really stood out by the way the toppings were organized and the whiteness of the bowl. Everyone’s reactions, including mine, when our food came was, “Wow, that looks really good!” 

     The taste of the food is unique and is not something like I’ve ever had before.  

     Freshman Franny Duong and relative Peter Tran, family members of the owner of Daddy’s Noodle Bar, said they wanted to open up a new family-run restaurant that no one has heard of to bring more diversity to East Lyme. 

     With the opening of Costco, they felt Daddy’s Noodles would be a good opportunity to welcome a different type of cuisine in the town. “We’ve been involved in the restaurant business for several years now; nine to be exact,” said Tran. “With this experience, we’ve been able to learn how to adjust to the different locations and preferences of the  locals.”

     As for the name of the restaurant, most would hear it and say to themselves that’s an unusual name for a place to eat. However, the owners had different intentions. 

     “There’s a lot of teenagers that interpret the name in an inappropriate context, but it is a family-owned restaurant made for the enjoyment of other families,” says Duong. “Our intentions were merely to symbolize the idea of a family restaurant and the relationship between comfort food and your family.” 

     Daddy Noodle Bar opened Friday, Sept. 27 and isn’t planning on closing any time soon. It is counting on the residents of East Lyme and more to turn an unknown restaurant to a successful business.

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