Halloween Horror Stories


   During Halloween of 2016, junior Carter Chambers celebrated at Annie and James O’Connor’s house.  Everyone had just finished trick-or-treating and began trading their candy, watching scary movies, and playing ping pong.  That came to an abrupt stop when Chambers tripped running on a treadmill on the highest setting. After the stunned silence, people began to swarm Chambers.  From the treadmill, Chambers skinned his knees and arm until some parts began to bleed. The marks lasted for weeks after the incident, but every Halloween since Chambers has still celebrated at the O’Connors’ house. 

   When sophomore Ryan Brown was four years old, he was having an enjoyable time trick-or-treating with his mom.  Going from door to door getting more candy, compliments on his costume, and dreaming about eating all of his candy when he got home.  Suddenly someone grabbed Brown’s ankle. When Brown turned around he saw a clown towering over him. Brown began to hit the clown with his massive bag of candy until the clown let go of his ankle.

   Junior Hannah Williams’ story was when she was 13 years-old living in the Netherlands.  

     “I wanted to be a witch, but it being a foreign country, my family and I did not know the Halloween traditions,” says Williams. 

     Every Halloween the military would host trunk or treat for all of the children of military  parents.  

     “The only perk about being a witch for Halloween is that I could wear black high heels to go with the outfit, I was not going to go trick-or-treating without heels,” says Williams. 

      The day before Halloween, it rained, so when Williams was walking from car to car getting her candy, she realized she was barefoot and standing in thick mud.  She turned around she saw her high heels stuck in the mud, Williams ran to get them, but slipped and fell in front of her mom’s coworkers, covering herself and her dress with mud.  Williams tried to laugh it off but never dressed up for Halloween again.

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