When EL Goes Pink


     This month, the greater EL community pays special attention to those battling breast cancer.

     The American Cancer Society organized the Making Strides Against Cancer 5k on Oct. 27 at Rocky Neck State Park. Proceeds fund breast cancer research at Yale University in New Haven, CT. 

 “It takes a community. It’s going to take all of us working together to really find a cure,” said organizer, Graham Kobs.  

     Both survivors of breast cancer and people walking in memory of their lost loved ones participated in the  march.

     “People with breast cancer feel really, really good to have that support and to have some of their burdens lessened,” said Mr. Kobs. “It makes me feel really good that I am able to help volunteers and survivors.”

     Nearby in downtown Niantic, pumpkins painted pink covered the entirety of Main Street. 

     “The town does a good job of getting involved,’’ said an organizer of the tradition, Terri Smith of Smith’s Acres. 

     Over 20 people came together this year to decorate Main Street with pink pumpkins. Ms. Smith says it means a lot to those battling breast cancer to know that they are not alone in their struggle.     

     “I lost my mother to breast cancer,” she said. Breast cancer has been devastating to families like hers for years, inspiring her to start the tradition to raise awareness.

     ELHS is involved in the cause too. The girls volleyball team participates in the Dig Pink match every year against Fitch High School. The teams work together to raise money for the Side Out Foundation, which funds breast cancer research. 

     “It’s important for the girls to understand that there is more to just playing volleyball. When things don’t go right for them on the court, they have to realize that there are bigger issues that we have to put into perspective for ourselves,” said Jack Biggs, the girls volleyball coach.

     Players were the ones who originally proposed the idea of starting the Dig Pink event. Luckily, it has been maintained ever since. 

     “[The Dig Pink match] is also a team bonding thing,” said senior volleyball captain Sophie Dubreuil. Other students and parents attended the match dressed in pink to participate. 

      In all of these events, people are having a great time while supporting others through the tough trials of breast cancer this month of October.

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