Students Say…


      Nanette Trusler is a fashion icon. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the highlight of most English classes was the moment she walked in and the classroom became a white-tiled runway.

      Whether she came through in bold and beautiful animal print or tasteful flashes of neon, her progressive take on classic shapes and patterns consistently made my jaw drop. Not only is the combination of her pieces genius, but the pieces themselves all seem to hold a somewhat one-of-a-kind feel. She herself may not even realize she possesses such careful attention to detail. You notice her subtle hints of orange and woolen layers on the first day the leaves start to change and you suddenly realize, “Oh my gosh, Nanette Trusler is a thorium hewn being of time and Saturn and she has begun autumn.” 

     As a final statement, Ms. Trusler is a goddess of style and any student in EL should be eternally grateful that her aura and majesty graces the halls they walk. Her vision in fashion reflects her incredible open-mindedness and the freedom of the classroom in which she incubates her pupils, where anything is possible. Through fashion, Ms. Trusler is free, as we all should strive to be.

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