Seniors Give Parking Lot New Look


     Dreamt about since freshman year, the student parking lot has become a place of even more liberation. Seniors fortunate enough to have a parking space have taken their individuality to the next level, boldly decorating their assigned spots in a myriad of vibrant hues. 

     Tracy Lam has been enjoying her morning rides to school, always parking in her space newly adorned with an illustration from the Disney movie “Up” (2009).  If you’re not familiar with this exciting film, it’s about a man who decides to convert his house into a massive balloon and fly away to South America. This freedom, longed for when growing up, has finally been achieved in Tracy’s final year as a high schooler.

     Like many people, she found inspiration for this unique and fitting idea on Pinterest. Social media is a great tool a lot of people used to expand upon the beginnings of an  idea.

     Noah am Ende is inspired by cinema, dance, and all things visual. Noah’s parking space certainly exemplifies his unrestrained creativity. He plays it off though, simply saying, “I could make it something deep, but honestly, I just like scary movies and bees a  lot.”

Though not all spots are intended to be symbolic, each artwork shows the personality of the creator. When looking at Noah’s painting, one may interpret it as slightly morbid, yet it can also be seen as a reassurance of life flourishing after one’s own  death. 

     Sophie Taylor,  emphasizes that the laborious yet rewarding one to two days of painting were a much-needed experience for many students, allowing complete self-expression in a supportive environment. 

      “I’m surprised it didn’t start earlier, it’s a really good way for seniors to bond,” said  Taylor.

      ELHS students hope the administration will continue to support the student body in their efforts to personalize some of the more mundane parts of the campus, especially after seeing the positive  impact that painting the parking lot had on student morale.

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