Choose Your Player



     Branden Matias aka Brandino the Gambino: It was sophomore year when Matias completely destroyed everyone in the scooter race. He didn’t even have to practice to make himself better. He casually walked to the North Gym, tried out for a spot on the team, and got the position. Matias has no secret to dominating the scooter race. “If you know anything about me, you know that I’ve got some thighs. I work those things daily,” he said. Matias believes that “If you’re going to be stupid, do it right” because if any class goes up against the seniors this year, just set your sights on second. 


     Liam Powers aka Lima Bear: Ever since Liam Powers defied the odds and dominated pie-eating his freshman year, he has taken the table for the Class of 2021 for this event ever since.  Powers is determined to win, saying other grades don’t have what it takes to beat him. Powers’ technique to win this event is to eat fast and his message to fellow pie-eating competitors: “bask in my glory while you can.”


     Rudy El Zein aka Lil Rudy: Rudy El Zein participated in the scooter race his freshman year and is ready to come back and pedal his way to victory for his class. “Sophomores are better than anybody else. We’re more hyped and have more motivation,” said El Zein. His tip is to “full send” from the beginning so that the other teams don’t have time to catch up. “It’s not about how much you practice but if you have strong legs that move fast enough. I think the sophomores have that better than anyone else,” he said.


     Ms. Thompson  aka The Dancing Queen: Ever since Ms. Thompson snuck her way onto the faculty’s five-legged race nine years ago, Thompson and her teammates have flown through every race. Ms. Thompson will not share any of her secret techniques for this race but her team has camaraderie, rhythm, and is not afraid to drag someone across the line if needed.  For this event, Ms. Thompson sticks by the quote “take the risk or lose the chance.”

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