In Da Clubs: Club Fair Highlights


Students Demand Action

   A promising new club this year is Students Demand Action. This is a national organization whose goal is to end gun violence. They host voter registration days, meet with politicians to discuss legislation, participate in rallies, and more. In meetings, members plan out future events and keep up to date on the national movement. Leading the club are sophomores Sydney Sager and Mikayla Stahl along with history teacher Matthew LaConti as advisor.

     “I’m really rooting for the students to show the adults how to solve a problem,” said Mr. LaConti. Students Demand Action provides students with a means to get involved with the ELHS community to affect change in ending gun violence. The club meets the first Tuesday of each month in Room A204 and new members are always welcome.


     Meeting in Room A211 every advisory Tuesday, kids can enjoy lunch and relax with the 


    “They are just the most loving, kind, patient, accepting kids in the whole school,” said advisor Rebecca Miller. The club is student-led and organizes ways to send money to  UNICEF.

 UNICEF improves living conditions for less fortunate children around the globe, providing aid in everything from healthcare, to education, to clean water. Last year, the club donated over $1,000 that was saved in the past few years. 

     One fundraiser is the Trick or Treat for UNICEF boxes that elementary schools use to collect change. Another is Babysitting Night held on Valentine’s Day. 

     “We’re having fun while helping people,”said Ms. Miller. The club is a wonderful way to have fun while also making change. The club is quite “laid back” and is perfect for people looking to make friends and have fun.

Best Buddies

     Another inspiring club to join at ELHS is Best Buddies, an international organization that encourages students to interact with students who have disabilities. Led by special education teacher Beth Provost and club president junior Nicole Burgon, the goal is for these students to experience a typical high school social life.

     Best Buddies meets every Tuesday in the auditorium. It used to be in a classroom, but the club has grown to over 40 members.

     Counselor Nadine Barnes helps organize club events like the club fair, which happened Tuesday, September 24, to help students choose what club they want to join.

     “There are a lot of great opportunities and its important for students to know what they are,” said Ms. Barnes. She believes Best Buddies is one of the stand out clubs at ELHS and encourages students to join.

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