Tik Tok Stars Gracing the Hallways of ELHS


     Tik Tok is the newest social media app that has completely blown up, offering millions of short, funny, and unique videos that get suggested to every user. Anyone can upload a Tik Tok and it gets suggested to others then depending on its popularity it gets suggested to more and more. This unique way of sharing content has allowed anyone to blow up and become Tik Tok famous.

      “It felt strange when I first kinda blew up, but it was cool to get some clout, but it was just a lot of just random girls so it didn’t mean much. It was cool to get followers but I feel like it’s weird to flex your Tik Tok followers so it really wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be,” said junior Matt Tapia. 

     Tapia now has 46.1k followers and has gotten a total of 435.6k likes. Since his first Tik Toks started to blow up, he decided to delete all of his videos except for his most recent. 

     “My old Tik Toks just made me cringe,” said Tapia.

     Many Tik Tok users have seen the ugly side of Tok Tok. Cyberbullying has become popular on Tik Tok. Many see the brutal hate comments under many posts, and some see its influence in real life. 

     “I didn’t get as much hate in the comments as others but I did get a few people that would tease me. I didn’t really care what they thought. In real life, the boys would make fun of me but other than that it wasn’t too bad,” said Tapia.

     ELHS has a few big Tik Tok stars but one is a newcomer who just started about two months ago. He already has 2,000 total likes and has one video with over 20,000 views as well as a few with over 1,000 views each. 

     “I remember posting my first Tik Tok and right away getting 50 likes and a few followers which I thought was cool but then it kept going and now the video has about 2,000. It’s cool because I got some clout but there has also been some cyber bullying and hateful comments. I just brush it off and don’t really think about it,” said junior AJ Saporito.

     Blowing up on Tik Tok can be completely by chance or you can try to work the system. Tik Tok uses an algorithm that puts videos with more likes, comments, and shares onto user’s For You pages, and also floats some videos with few or no likes to see if they get any attention. If they do, Tik Tok puts the video on more users For You pages, and it eventually blows up. 

     Tapia posted every few days and his videos got likes so he continued to grow, which involves a combo of skill and a lot of luck. Saporito used a more strategic method by posting at around three in the afternoon because they usually got more likes and on the For You page more often. He also used popular editing tactics like adding pictures and distorting the video and followed trends that seem to be working for him so far.     

     Certain songs on Tik Tok go viral and become trends, which inspire many people to recreate videos with the same sound, just with an individual twist.  

As of right now, neither Tapia nor Saporito plans on making many more Tik Toks, but only time will tell. Tick tock. Tick tock.

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