Astronomy Club Gets New Advisors


     Houston we have take off…in ELHS! 

     For this school year, running in B103, Astronomy teacher Victoria Thomson and Physics teacher Timothy Dowd are now leading the ELHS Astronomy Club. According to the two teachers, the club will run Tuesdays during lunch and will entail getting students “excited about all of the major discoveries going on in astronomy and astrophysics right now.” As for students who have joined the club in the past, not one person has not had an enjoyable time exploring astronomical ideas such as black holes and space exploration. 

      More specifically, students in the club will talk about daily astronomy using simply the naked eye, binoculars, and apps. Also, they will look at some movies about how the basis of human knowledge concerning astronomy has dramatically intensified over the past few years. And finally, the club advisors are also planning some ‘star watch parties’ where students can use telescopes to watch the stars during the evening.

     “We’ll use school telescopes to try and see awesome things like Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s moons. You’ve read about these things and seen pictures… we want to have you see them for real,” said Mr. Dowd. Anyone and everyone are welcomed, despite any lack of astronomy experience.

     “[We’re really excited for] the hands-on chance to work telescopes and see things for ourselves is going to be exciting,” said Ms. Thomson “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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