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Sorry About Your Homecoming


Ah yes, college football season. My favorite time of the year. And coming off their third National Championship, the Clemson- scratch that, MY Clemson Tigers-  have a lot to prove going into their 2019 season. Who else has a lot to prove? The now-sophomore starting quarterback and potential Heisman recipient, Trevor Lawrence. Last year, the true-freshman led us to a Natty, and many expect the same from him this year, especially now with his gained experience. 

Now 3-0, the Tigers have a schedule ahead of them that could hopefully be won in their sleep. After beating then-No.12 Texas A&M and Syracuse this weekend, they have no ranked opponents in the remainder of the regular season. As long as Boston College, NC State, and the ever-hated rivals South Carolina Gamecocks don’t pull out any surprises, we should be looking at another undefeated season.

On Sept. 14, the Tigers played Syracuse at the Carrier Dome. After the Orange came out on top after their match up two years ago at the Carrier Dome, Syracuse fans were hungry for blood. Anticipated by commentators, analysts, and fans as a tough game, we handled the Orange 41-6. And while Trevor threw two interceptions, he still managed four touchdowns and over 395 passing yards, a season-high for the sophomore. 

This Homecoming game against Syracuse may have been the most hostile and loud environment Trevor has ever seen. I hope he appreciated their disappointment as we proceeded to beat them to a pulp (Thanks Emma).

Syracuse may have been able to pull out a win against us two years ago when we played them at the Dome, but this year’s Tiger team has a whole new dynamic, one that is looking pretty unstoppable.

Let’s see how Trevor plays next week against unranked Charlotte, and whether he can remain focused and prevent any more interceptions along his road to the Heisman.

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