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Should Students Grade Teachers?


Although students already complete teacher surveys at the end of the year, that is not enough, because it’s unable to benefit those current students. If students were able to grade teachers at midterms, then teachers would be able to improve the way they teach in the second semester, or it would show them that their students are very pleased with the class and teaching format, encouraging them to continue the way they are teaching in the second semester. Then again, at the end of the year students grade their teachers to see if their performance dropped, increased or remained about the same. This would benefit students and teachers as this grading system would help teachers focus on what a certain class needs and/or what certain individual students need. 

If students, not just administrators, were able to grade teachers they would be able to provide more insight on their teachers performance, due to the fact they’re with them every other school day. When administrators observe classes they don’t always get an authentic look at what goes on daily in that class. When administrators are observing classes, students are almost always on their best behavior, teachers are often more prepared and some might even bribe students with incentives if they behave well. With that said, it can be hard to get full insight on how a teacher interacts with their students, how much the students enjoy the teaching style and how much the students are actually learning. If we were to implement this in our school, then students would have immense influence. They would be able to voice opinions about different teachers styles of teaching and whether they’re beneficial or not. They’d be able to say if a teacher was actually helping students learn, and think creatively and independently, or if they just fed them information after information, without any real life context. Students want to be comfortable with their teachers and know that they truly care about them, and with this we would be able to see how students feel about their teachers. Grading teachers through observations and test scores is simply not enough. 

We at ELHS need to start allowing students to grade their teachers twice a year, first at midterms, then at the end of the year. It would benefit both parties greatly. Students would be able to help teachers learn about their own strengths and weaknesses, and that will help them grow and become better teachers, and teachers would use the information they receive from the grades and be able to help out the students more so they can thrive, not only in that class, but in the future.

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