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Last First Day of High School


    Senior year of high school just started, it’s kind of crazy to already be looking at colleges when just yesterday it felt like I was a freshman walking into the school doors for the first time.

     Graduating from eighth grade principal Susi told us that these four years of high school would fly by, I never believed him until here I am a senior looking at colleges deciding what I want for a career. 

     The career I’m looking at will most likely have something to do with the law enforcement field. I hope to be a detective one day and study forensics at the University of New Haven.

      Many seniors have already gone on college visits over the summer or towards the end of their junior year. These college visits allow students to view what their dorm might look like or what possible classes they can take.

      There are so many different options built for every individual. Trying to figure out what is the best decision for me wasn’t very hard; I want to go straight to college and work at the same time.  I definitely considered taking a year off to travel before diving right into college but I felt that getting an education first and working to save up money for a trip made more sense to me.

     My four year high school experience consisted of freshman year sitting on the floor during lunch, sophomore year I finally got to sit at a table with a couple of my friends. Then comes junior year, probably hands down the worst year. I took challenging classes and constantly stayed up late doing my homework. Onto senior year, I’m looking forward to taking pictures at sports games and events for digital journalism.

     Each year has taught me responsibility and being accountable, like making sure I have all the credits that I need to graduate my senior year. As well as making sure I meet the colleges deadlines that I’m applying for and ask for recommendations from teachers and counselors. All of these experiences from freshman to senior year has definitely prepared me for life after high school.

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