USWNT Bring the Trophy Back to US Soil


     In 2012, the USWNT (U.S. Women’s National Team) won gold in the London olympics.  In 2015, the US took a 5-2 victory over Japan in the World Cup. 

     In 2019, The US Women’s National Team have struck their way to another national title to make history.

            The 2019 final was special for many reasons. Not only did  the US repeat as champions but the final match clocked in more viewers in the US than last year’s men’s World Cup final in Russia, according to  CNN.

    “Last year’s men’s World Cup final between France and Croatia averaged an 8.3 household rating, which means the US women drew a 20 percent bigger audience in the states,” says CNN

     Ironically, FIFA, the federation of international football association, scheduled three international finals on the same day. The men’s FIFA Gold Cup final, the men’s FIFA Copa America final, and the women’s FIFA World Cup all took place  on July 7.

       US women’s captain Megan Rapinoe was not happy about this scheduling ruled by  FIFA. 

     “It’s unbelievable. It’s terrible to put everything on the same day, especially a World Cup

final,” said Rapinoe in a press conference reported by Bleacher  Report.

     Despite the odd scheduling and the strong opinions against, the final still received immense support. 

     In addition to the viewership, Mark Parker, CEO of Nike noted that the US women’s national jersey was the most sold soccer jersey in a single season.

     The USWNT managed to break records within the tournament as well. In their clash versus Thailand, the US set the record for most goals scored in a Women’s World Cup game in a 13-0  victory.

     In a tough final with the Netherlands, it took 62 minutes for Megan Rapinoe to score a penalty after Alex Morgan was fouled in the box. Just minutes after, Rose Lavelle scored a solo stunner for the US to secure the win for the US. 

     Iconic celebrations, raging support, pride and historic significance all made this women’s World Cup one to remember.

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