Taping High School Basketball by Storm


Junior Colby Balzer has been making sport-highlight tapes for just about a year, under the name Halftime Tapes. What started as editing NBA and NFL highlights as a hobby has now evolved into a job for Balzer.
“When I first realized that I could do something like this, is when I saw Splash’s mixtape for Dev [Ostrowski].
That’s when I became aware that I was able to do something I love on another level,” said Balzer.
Balzer has been able to make quite the name for himself with help from other videographers such as Rain
Hayles (Splash Productions). At the time of this article, his Instagram account, Halftime Tapes, is at 1.2k followers, averaging around 700-1500 views per video.
“I message many videographers all the time asking for advice and they do the same. The one thing I’ve learned from them [the other videographers] is that there is no competition. We support and share each other’s work. We all have the same goal and that is to grow and give players an outlet to share their talent,” said Balzer.
Hayles is another very well known videographer, who has documented former East Lyme athletes including Ostrowski, Luke Leonard and Spencer Duthrie. With Halftime Tape’s rising success, Hayles has been there to
support Balzer every step of the way.
“It’s awesome to see how much he’s progressed, and not to mention his dedication. At 16 years old, anyone could start something and drop it in a week because they’re too lazy. Colby’s dedication shows his passion for
making tapes. He’s going places, for sure,” said Hayles.
HooperVisuals is another videographer who has kept in touch with Balzer and has helped him along his journey.
“I think it’s cool to see how widespread videographing is becoming. For us, [videographers], the tapes are like art in a way, and for the players and athletes, it’s something to boost their confidence and maybe even show
colleges,” said HooperVisuals.
Before his growth, Balzer used to charge $15 per tape and now charges $30 as he travels farther across the
state. With his constant growth and progression, Balzer has a bright future ahead.
“I would love to be able to do this in the future. I think having a job that you love is what everyone wants. I think
the end goal for me would be to be able to film for college and NBA players,” said Balzer.

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