Mccook’s Beach Concerts


     Each year McCook’s beach hosts summer concerts on Wednesdays and Fridays, often bringing in various upbeat bands to perform for beachgoers for free. There’s a range of genres from alternative rock to country to jazz but no matter who’s playing, it’s guaranteed to be a swell evening. The atmosphere is always user-friendly as attendees bring chairs, blankets, and snacks to enjoy the show. The first concert this year is on July 10th and the band Almost-Alien is performing. 

     The band’s funky upbeat alternative rock tone gives them a unique and interesting sound that is guaranteed for a fun night. It’s no heavy metal but also not slow and dragging: perfect beach music. The young band has some great songs such as “Run”, “I like (like) you” and “Atlantic Eyes”. Talking to the band was great as they are energetic college students who enjoy making and performing music together. Guitarist Daniel Sitco gave me the background on how the group became a band.

     “I saw Nick Lucire play with his band sophomore year of high school play with Charlie and Devin at the Extravaganza and I wanted to do something similar so I brought some of my friends to play together and eventually we got better and better and now we’ve played the beach and East Lyme Day for the past five years,” said Sitco.

     The band has a few originals but also enjoys playing music from other artists with their own unique twist. 

     “ We play as many originals but sometimes the instrumentation is too much for five people to do live so everyone picks a few songs they like and we try to keep them on a theme so even though it’s different styles it all works together nicely to give the concert a good flow while also giving every listener to enjoy,” said bassist John Spranklin.

      When I first arrived a few minutes after the start, I saw a packed crowd and hear “Burning Up” by The Jonas Brothers blasting throughout the beach. The overall atmosphere was awesome with many kids playing on the beach and in the water. Parents and kids alike chilling on the beach listening to the great live performance. The audience stayed entertained with the music through the band’s interactions with the crowd. With a mix of slower rock, heavy jams and early to mid-2000s pop, everyone in the audience had something they could enjoy and sing along to. Watching from atop the hill was exquisite nice with both views of the ocean and beaches along with the shoreline and many people together having fun and enjoying the night together was a splendid sight to be seen. 

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