Kydd Selected for Vice Principal


     For now vice principal Henry Kydd III, leaving behind teaching was one of the hardest decisions that he’s ever had to make.

     “There is a lot I’m going to miss about teaching….I’m going to miss the camaraderie that develops with a group of students in the classroom over the course of the year. I’m going to miss class discussion and seeing students light up when they are pushed to think about something in a new way. I’m going to miss my old classroom at lunch time – it was such a hub of activity with students, teachers, NHS [National Honors Society] kids, checkers club – all sorts of folks coming through to check in,” said Mr. Kydd.

     However, with this new job, Mr. Kydd does have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the interactions that he misses so dearly. 

     “I still plan on helping out with the Pep Rally, continuing to develop our Veterans Day Program, and doing whatever I can to promote positive vibes in our community – and I get to visit lots of classrooms and see teaching and learning from a new perspective,” said Mr. Kydd.

     As for applying for this position, the timing really couldn’t have worked out better for Mr. Kydd. Just as former vice principal Laurie Zaneksi had announced her retirement, Mr. Kydd had just finished his 092 [administrative certification] from Sacred Heart University as his 6th year of education.

     “…This seemed like a logical next move especially because the position was here at East Lyme which has been my home for 15 years. I wasn’t looking to leave ELHS so the fact that there was a leadership position here was ideal,” said Mr. Kydd.

     As far as the rest of the building, everyone from teachers to students are extremely excited for this coming year with Mr. Kydd calling the shots.

     “I’m so excited for Mr. Kydd becoming vice principal. I don’t think they could have picked a better candidate for the job!” said Lori Singer, who worked with Mr. Kydd on the CIL (Curriculum Instructional Leaders)  board.

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