Class Presidents


Jack LeBeau


     Senior Jack LeBeau was re-elected to serve as class president following a successful junior year for the Class of 2020. He’s pulled away something new each year: “[The election experience] reminds me what an awesome class I lead.”

     The major focus of his campaign was keeping leadership consistent with last year and electing someone with continuous experience to finish out senior year. This way fewer obstacles, such as miscommunication, can be avoided.

     LeBeau prioritizes efficiency within the senate and plans to have all fundraising completed before midterms, a quite ambitious plan.

     “The most crucial piece to success will be the full participation from senators. I need full cooperation…but I’m not worried. We have a great team that I’m excited to work with,” said LeBeau.

     Ultimately, LeBeau is looking for a strong finish for the Class of 2020 that’s full of fun memories.

Caroline French


     She has plenty of commitments, like cello player and French Honor Society, and she’s added the position of class president of the Class of 2021 to the list. This will be junior Caroline French’s first year participating in student government. 

        She emphasized the importance of fundraising junior and senior during her campaign due to the costly events approaching, like proms.

      “We are going to plan fundraising differently and hold [events] in a more timely manner instead of at random. For instance, we could plan one event per quarter. This way, they’ll be easier to keep track of,” said French.

     Of course, the challenge is incentivizing the entire class to be involved with fundraising, which is why French also focused heavily on improving communication.

     “We are thinking of using Remind texts so every student gets the information directly, and also updating class news on social media in an effective manner,” said French.

      Overall, French is looking forward to the coming year as president. 

     “I’m so excited to have the opportunity to connect with the class and I hope to help make a difference for everyone by working closely with the senate and students. This year will be our year,” said French.

Sophia Gannoe


  Sophomore Sophia Gannoe was elected class president of the Class of 2022 from a crowded field of nine candidates. Gannoe was a member of her class senate when they were freshmen.

    “The experience of running for president was fun and light-hearted but also nerve racking,” said Gannoe. “I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be on Senate the past year because I know exactly what needs to be done.”

     The important events on the horizon include Breakfast with the Bunny, Spring Fling, and proms. Gannoe’s campaign focused mostly on fundraising for proms, saying it’s the “most crucial piece to succeeding this upcoming year.”

     Gannoe recognizes the challenge she faces in pleasing the majority of her classmates but is excited nonetheless to hear differing ideas and opinions.

     She is also focused on uniting the class with spirit. 

     “I’m really excited about being elected and I’m looking forward to working with everyone on our ride to win Spirit Week,” said Gannoe.

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