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The college dilema: roommates


We have reached the point of the year where seniors have made their decisions for next year. And for those of us who are matriculating to college comes the new, unknown territory of living with a roommate.
The idea of a roommate is scary. Living with a person you barely know, sharing a room the size of a shoebox, all while taking classes in an unfamiliar place. Back when our parents were young, all roommates were random, but today, many people turn to Facebook to find their living companion.
However, I am opting to just go random.
College is a time of growth, and a time to develop as a person. When you opt to pick a roommate on Facebook, you tend to choose someone based on a short bio they wrote about themselves.
You have no understanding of who they are as a person. You only see the best moments  of  their life that they choose to  share.
Sure, the person I end up living with might not be my best friend, but that’s okay. I will be able to live with them (since my school gives a roommate survey to match based on living habits). If we’re not best friends, then I’ll be encouraged to go out and meet my people. I won’t be confined to my shoebox  room.
When you pick a roommate off the internet, you go in with the expectation that you will be best friends. Whether it’s a sport or a hobby, there’s some reason you think you will get along, even though you have never met them. But when you go random, you have lower expectations. You don’t expect this person to be your best friend. But most schools do a survey based on living habits so you at least know you can live with them. That’s the important part – there’s plenty of time to get out and join clubs and visit friends, but if your a morning person and your roommate is a night owl – well good luck getting any sleep.
College is a time of change. Every person walks in with a clean slate, and those around us have no clue about our history. It’s a time to meet new people and make new friends. While a random roommate may not be who you envision yourself living with, this is the time to venture out and expand your  horizons.

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