Sign of the Times


Who Needs Some Love this Valentine’s Day Season?

Daven says: I don’t think anyone says thank you enough. We, as a society, take a lot for granted. That being said, you could probably find a reason to thank every single person you talk to and that may become repetitive and slight over kill. So, let us all take a minute and thank our custodians for their work that we probably could thank them for everyday, work we take for  granted.
Thank you, custodial staff for cleaning the disrespectful mess left strewn through the commons after every lunch period. If you’ve ever had C or G Block study hall you’ve seen the mess I’m referring to. The main culprit being the apple cores surrounding the garbage because people who aren’t as skilled as Dev or Megan tried to “shoot it” into the trash from the opposite side of the table.
Thank you, Mr. Hewitt for keeping everyone in line when it comes to sitting on the tables and texting while walking. I know I’ve been caught doing both and I’m sorry for that. I do appreciate your reminders to let the tables remain places only for eating and to get my head out of my phone for a little bit.
Thank you, Mr. Frank for supporting the students in everything we do. You are present at many basketball games, football games, and endless other school events. It always brings a smile to my face to see you and your son cheering on East Lyme even after what I know was a long day at work for you. Despite that, you have gotten to know many students and are so supportive of us all.
Speaking of long days, thank you custodians for spending more time at the school than any of us students and making it so incredibly clean. Over summer and school breaks, on weekends, hours after school has ended, you are the people who allow the school to run the way it does and we thank you for that. You stay at the school late enough to welcome us back after hard losses and epic wins in away games. For the most part, you work a thank less and endless job. We students often take your work for granted and don’t stop to think about the work you did the day before to clean the hallways and how much time it would save if we all would just pick up the trash we strewn through them. I apologize on behalf of the students for creating new messes everyday and rarely stopping to think about how it impacts you.
So thank you. Thank all of you for everything I mentioned and the long list of your other work that we simply didn’t have room to list. Thank you for doing the little jobs you do that we may not even be aware of. Thank you for working tirelessly to make the school a better and cleaner place. And thank you for doing it all with a smile on your face.

Lily says: Libraries often have the reputation of being silent and studious. Completely quiet, with no fun allowed. For the average teenager, that can seem pretty boring. However, here at East Lyme High School, our library has broken barriers and proven to not be your stereotypical quiet-zone always shown in pop-culture. So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to send some love over to the staff of our library, who has made  their space an inclusive one.
Thank you for always putting on fun events in the library. I had a blast back in September going to the summer reading ice cream party and even winning a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. You allow students to show off their talents during lunch live, and work to make our library a fun  place for more than just  reading.
Thank you for always making our library look inviting. I, along with many other students, are always mesmerized by your creative and crafty decorations that change with the seasons. Your work does not go  unnoticed.
Thank you for providing students with all the resources they could ever imagine. From simple items like posters and markers to rows of computers and access to printers, you help to make getting our mounds of work easier to get done. It’s the little things like this that help to make our high school experience, albeit stressful at times, go  along  a little bit  smoother.
Thank you for making our library a welcoming space. In addition to being home to the comfiest chairs in the school, your relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect spot to talk and enjoy time with friends, while still allowing students to get their work done when  needed.
Tucked away in the corner of the library is College and Career. Prior to this year, I had never stepped foot back there. Now, it seems to be every week.   So I want to extend my thank you’s  to the College and  Career.
Thank you for helping seniors navigate the rocky road of applying for college. It is not an easy process. With hundreds of schools to choose from, it can be overwhelming to even know where to start. But your plethora of information helps make the search a little bit easier.
Thank you for helping with scholarships. There are so many out there students don’t even know about. Deadlines are all over the place. But your organized lists and endless emails of available ones help seniors out. So thank you.
To the entire staff of the library, know that your work and actions do not go unnoticed. We all appreciate how you have helped make our high school experience a little brighter and a little bit easier.

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