New drama director!


Ms. Stanley comes with new plan for arts

There’s a new director in town, and she means business.
Ms. Erin Stanley was hired recently to direct the Drama Club, and along with her team of choir teacher Anthony Maiese and school counselor Lisa Ramaccia, she is looking to change the entire culture of the Drama Club and the arts in general.
Ms. Stanley’s team is very experienced as far as theater goes. Ms. Ramaccia participated in musicals when she was in high school, teaches competitive tap in Wethersfield, CT, and even auditioned for Stomp! on Broadway. She has an interesting outlook on the culture of the arts in East Lyme.
“It’s important to recognize that it is not necessarily a culture that needs to be changed more than in a constant state of improvement for what’s best for everyone,” said Ms. Ramaccia.
Mr. Maiese, who acted with Ms. Stanley and has worked with her vocally in the past, is a big supporter of the new hire.
“I think Ms. Stanley is going to do a great job of drawing even more people to the whole process. The biggest difference between Ms. Stanley and our past directors is that this is her primary profession. This is not something extra for her,” said Mr. Maiese.
Students are exhilarated about the change in leadership in the club.
“The club will be better than it has been the past [few] years given Ms. Stanley’s experience in addition to her exquisite musical abilities,” said senior Adam Benway.
Ms. Stanley, who is also the director of the drama program at Stonington High School, is well-respected in both towns. Sophomore Erich Phelps has done shows with Ms. Stanley both at Stonington and East Lyme Regional Theater.
“She’s an amazing teacher and person. I’m so thankful to have her as my teacher in acting because I believe she is the best of the best,” said Phelps.
One of Ms. Stanley’s goals is to evolve how the Drama Club is viewed in the school by the students.
“We are going to be on the same level as the athletes! Students will pass by [drama club members] and think ‘Whoa, they are in the Drama Club,’” said Ms. Stanley at a recent meeting of the club.
Auditions for the 2019 spring musical, “Guys and Dolls,” will be held the week of Feb. 4. Sign up in the music wing and see Spencer Stanley for details.

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