Love Letter to the South Gym


Dear South Gym,

We know your sister gym, the North Gym, gets all the love. Cool air conditioning, wood floors, home of Spirit Week pep rallies; what isn’t to love about her? But we know, being the overlooked sibling is never fun. You’ve got a lot going for you, South Gym.
Seniors Matt Kung and Akhil Chilamkurthi, who participate in indoor track, love that your floor is perfect for events.
“Everyone in track is glad to have it. The special surface makes the athletic program versatile by allowing a greater variety of activities to be done inside the school,” said  Kung.
That’s right, South Gym, people practicing hurdles and pole vaulting can wear track spikes, and shotput participants can practice without ruining your floor.
Chilamkurthi argues that this gives ELHS indoor track an advantage over other schools, since track athletes can practice events regardless of the weather conditions. At one point, even Old Saybrook girls’ indoor track team borrowed you so they could practice events, since they didn’t have a special floor like you do.
Physical education teachers Jeff Handler and Rudy Bagos use you for their P.E. classes, where they can teach floor hockey without scuffing your floor. Sports like volleyball, softball, basketball, and wrestling use it for practices when weather is brutal. Also, you are another superb option to look to when things in the North Gym get messy.
Mr. Handler and Mr. Bagos said that your rubber-based flooring is what makes all this  possible.
Of course, even with all this good, we do have some constructive criticism, South   Gym.
Sometimes all your wonderful rubber-based floor isn’t always completely freed up.
“It’s become a storage place for mats and equipment. Anytime we run a gym class in there, it gets difficult,” said Mr. Bagos.
Since it’s been a while since you’ve been re-done, your heating and air conditioning problems have became a popular complaint from students. We know your original floor was green rubber, but since that change, it’s also become a harder, meaner surface.
Mr. Handler says if students “fall down, it’ll rip [them] up a little bit,” so there could be a safety concern. Maybe just go easier on us, South Gym.
Despite all this and even though it may not seem like it, we appreciate all that you provide us. Sports teams and gym classes wouldn’t be the same without you.
We love you, South Gym!
Yours truly,

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