Musician or not, listening to this choir has great benefits

The 10 songs that Ithacappella, the tenor and bass acapella group, sang certainly left an impact on everyone in the audience. On Jan. 14, Ithaca college’s only male acapella choir came down for their annual performance at East Lyme High School.
The 11 musicians performed with great amounts of passion, empathy, and emotion. Not one member was not participating in the fun on the stage. But the real star of the show was choir teacher, Mr. Maiese, going back to his roots and singing with his own alma  mater.
Together they sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” a serenade to one lucky raffle winner, and many more songs as well.
“It’s really fun to see what the new batch of singers bring to the table each year. It reminds me how fun and meaningful it was to be in the group. It was also fun to perform and be part of a little family, but it was also a great learning experience,” said Mr. Maiese
Maiese sang the lead vocal part in “Superstition,” and also in the Ithacappella traditional closer, “Coney Island Baby,” bringing back memories for both him and for the choir.
Ithacappella was founded in 1996 and was formed from the main choirs at Ithaca college in upstate New York with the mission of growing the music program and teaching the importance of music. They now sing fun, pop tunes and make the point to achieve audience participation and get everyone into the  music.
“The most important thing for a group to have is confidence in each other. They definitely inspire me to continue music in college,” said senior Chris Gregor.
Gregor led East Lyme’s own Rockapella as they opened in the concert for Ithacappella. Before the concert, the members of Ithacappella did a workshop with the choirs of ELHS, helping them to advance their musical talent and  passion.
“Mostly [the concert] is to get students more excited about singing. I think it’s great for [the students] to get to just enjoy a concert from the perspective of an audience member, not always just performing. It also helps that these guys are only slightly older than them,” said Mr. Maiese.
Later in the year, the choirs at ELHS will be attending a competition at Ithaca, being one of the few high schools invited to this event.
Overall, whether being a musician or not, anyone can gain an enjoyable time from a choir like Ithacappella.

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