Battle of the Binge


Netflix vs. Cable – what’s better?

Pros of Netflix: Over the past years, Netflix has been dominant in the streaming market. The platform varies from long running TV shows, movies, documentaries, to comedy  skits.
Netflix always manages to keep the platform fresh by adding new shows and their own Netflix Originals, which never seem to disappoint. One of their recent original movies, “Bird Box,” was a huge hit, reeling in 26 million viewers in the first week, according to Forbes, an American business magazine.
Netflix is also arguably less expensive than cable, with prices ranging from $8.99 to $15.99 depending on the subscription per month.
“I definitely prefer and watch way more Netflix than actual cable television. I am always busy and it’s tough for me to adhere to a cable schedule and promise to my television that I can sit there for the same hour every week,” said history teacher Jennifer Raub.
Although Netflix may seem overpowering to cable, some shows may take months before releasing the newest seasons, and the platform doesn’t offer any live news or television. Many new companies have been introduced and have revolutionized television by lowering costs and offering custom bundles.
Pros of cable: Cable television first came onto the scene in 1948, long before Netflix.
One of the benefits of cable is having live news channels-local, national, and international. Live news channels can keep you updated on world issues, politics, and even your local weather. Not to mention, many of the shows found on Netflix can probably be found on cable television.
“Although I do watch a fair amount of Netflix, I would say I watch cable a bit more just to stay updated on what’s going on around the world. Also, I watch lots of soccer games which can each take hours to watch,” said freshman Dominic Ranelli.
The big issue that sets Netflix apart from cable is the cost, but many new cable companies have stepped up to reduce the cost of watching tv.
When watching cable television, there are thousands of channels to watch, but viewers undoubtedly don’t watch them all, leaving viewers questioning, why pay for so many channels you don’t watch?
Sling TV was recently introduced, and allows you to choose the channels you want to watch, so you can pay as low as $20 per month for sports and news channels you select, while other cable companies such as Direct TV can cost triple the amount. No cable box is required, and it can be accessed on devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku on an app.

Cable and Netflix put up a good fight and both have their own special benefits. Binge on, East Lyme.

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