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Trends to Leave in 2018


We DON’T love these ones, so let’s say goodbye


No one’s proud that this odd form of entertainment has taking our society by storm. Let us all move on and never speak of it again. I feel as though 2019 could go just fine without thousands of 20 minute videos of people chewing or scratching something. Personally, I’m not sure how it came to be or how it stuck around but I do know that there are so many other forms that could be so much more entertaining. ASMR may be one we just have to give up on and pray it doesn’t make it in the history books.

Eating Tide Pods

Sure it was early 2018 when people thought eating Tide Pods would be fun and smart and cool but let’s make sure it doesn’t follow us into 2019. In fact, 2019 is not the year for any odd eating challenges. I encourage that, for our health, our laundry products stay in our laundry and our food stays on our plates. Of course, we may not be able to stop one of two people from posting some not-so-smart post on the internet but, please, let it not go viral this time around.

Dad Sneakers

Sorry Dad, it’s time for you to get your clunky, white sneakers back. The shoes once only associated with barbecuing, vacationing, and dads took to the runway and fashionistas everywhere. I’m not against all white shoes, but the clunky look has got to go. Not only are they often ridiculously overpriced, but I don’t understand how anyone can wear them without feeling like a complete, well, dad. Instead, maybe stick to a classier alternative, like Converse or  Adidas.

Tiny Sunglasses

Since the purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, tiny ones seem a bit against the purpose. While celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna may have opted to rock this trend, I think it is best these stay in 2018. Instead try some regular-sized sunglasses, or try to get ahead of the trend this year. People are predicting that sci-fi-like visor sunglasses are the next big hit of 2019, so stock up while you can. These kinds actually serve their purpose – blocking out the sun.


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