The Traveling Teacher


A journey around Ms. Fragomeni’s life

Traveling around the world is difficult. For this quirky, delightful English teacher, nothing is impossible, even traveling to 10 different countries and working seven jobs in her lifetime.
While in her painting class for her senior year in high school, Kathryn Fragomeni suddenly decided that she wanted to travel the world. She created a list with her friends consisting of 29 countries, and she has traveled to eight of the 29 on that list. As she has gotten older, Ms. Fragomeni has added more and has been able to travel to more countries. Ms. Fragomeni planned a trip to a new country every year.
“I have a special connection with every place I have been,” said Ms. Fragomeni.
On her travels, Ms. Fragomeni has learned much about each country she went. She described Turkey as the most interesting place, for the Turkish natives were very curious about her decision to visit.
“I read in a book somewhere about [Turkey]…and I just thought I should go there. It would be really cool,” Ms. Fragomeni exclaimed as she reminisced about her last trip.
Ms. Fragomeni gave some tips on how people can prepare for a trip out of the country. She insists everyone should take a trip out of the country by themselves at least once, as she did her first time being in Denmark, and talk to the locals of where anyone has visited.
Ms. Fragomeni also recommends always bring some sort of navigation for your travels. She specifically has used a paper map instead of a GPS because she feels more comfortable.
“While I was going to Canada I had the directions on a brown paper bag,” said Ms.  Fragomeni.
Before her teaching career and being an expert traveler, Ms. Fragomeni went to school to accommodate her while working multiple jobs. When she was in college she worked at a fast food restaurant in Six Flags, and built legos at the Lego store. She had to work often due to not having enough money for college during that time. Later on, she paid off her loans.
She wanted to be an English teacher at the beginning of college, but “that did not pan out” and she became a Journalism major. Ms. Fragomeni decided that it was not her best  suit.
“Somewhere my junior year of being an undergrad I had this idea of maybe becoming a teacher,” said Ms. Fragomeni.
She finally decided that she would become a teacher after she had worked a couple more jobs and some advice from her mother throughout the process.
“I’m going to miss her a lot once she leaves. Her stories in class always kept me interested,” said junior Matt Wynn.
Ms. Fragomeni will be missed by all of her students this year and all wish her the best on the next leg of her career.

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