The Minevichs Take the Mat


Siblings share a passion for wrestling

It’s common to hear that two siblings playfully wrestle each other growing up, but senior Everett and freshman Michael Minevich take it much more seriously.
The two brothers have been wrestling for more than 10 years. Older brother Everett, nicknamed “Mini,” began wrestling a year or two before his younger brother and influenced him to join the sport.
“I think because I was doing it [wrestling] he decided to try it out and then it just became the thing we both did. Most of the sports I did, he ended up doing as well,” said  Everett.
This year has given them more opportunities to get closer because they are both in the same school. Because Everett already knows the ropes to high school wrestling, he is always eager to help his younger brother adjust to the ways of high school wrestling.
“Every time my brother sees me doing something wrong he immediately comes over and tries to correct me,” said Michael.
Everett’s former coach Daniel Nazzaro thinks highly of the skilled wrestler and notices his helpfulness and wisdom on the  mats.
“Everett is very skilled. He’s probably one of the most skilled wrestlers. He has always been a very good instructor, and he’s really good at helping out beginner wrestlers. He’s patient and a good leader. I’m sure Michael benefits from watching his older brother,” said Mr. Nazzaro.
Wrestling has taught the two siblings major lessons throughout their individual careers. Michael learned that failing isn’t always a bad thing; it’s something you can just improve upon. Everett learned how to be  patient.
“The biggest lesson is probably patience and how to deal with injuries and pressure. There’s a lot of injuries involved with the sport, and most people go through at least one that force you to be patient and wait when you really don’t want to. [I have also adjusted to] the pressure to win and from people watching who want and expect you to,” said Everett.

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