Please Don’t Rip Up Our Sagas

Opinion of: LILY MOFFETT

A month of work goes into each edition; show some respect

Imagine you’re on the field, and your own fan section starts booing for you. Imagine you’re on stage, and the audience is sitting on their phones. Imagine you have art up at the expo, and people vandalize it. That is what it feels like when every distribution day, there are Sagas ripped up or thrown in the trash.
The Saga takes over my life.Room A225 is home to 25 percent of my classes. My Friday nights are spent writing editorials; my Sunday afternoons are spent editing pages. Pretty much my entire life revolves around the scheduling and making of this  newspaper.
So you can imagine my, and my fellow editors’ and writers’ disappointment and anger when we repeatedly see certain groups of students choose to rip up the Sagas we handed out just 10 minutes earlier.
To those of you who rip them up, maybe you just don’t know the amount of work that goes into making a single edition. To be fair, I wasn’t aware until I joined the class.
But I can tell you, there is a lot of work. It takes an entire month to craft one Saga.
Now, I’m sure your asking, if you come out with one every two weeks, then how does it take a month. Well, we multitask, and somehow juggle three different editions at  once.
We do our best to cover as many groups within the school and community as possible. If you aren’t happy with the stories being featured or have ideas, you are more than welcome to come up to A225 and be a part of the Saga.
Writers spend two weeks crafting their stories, completing lengthy interviews and making countless edits to make sure each and every article is perfect for print.
Section editors spend up to two weeks designing unique and eye-catching layouts that have to squeeze in articles.
Once everything is determined to be “ready-for-print,” we usually spend time engaged in technology warfare with Redding’s printer. And when all 800 editions are finally printed, we, the staff of The Viking Saga, now must fold and staple every copy.
Before I was a member of the newspaper, I never thought about how the Sagas are all constructed. For some reason, I thought they magically stapled on their own.
Nope, we separate, fold, and staple each of the 800 copies of the newspaper. Every. Other. Week. To top it all off, we get to school early so every student and teacher is ensured the opportunity to lay their hands on a copy.
So, when we see the crumpled, ripped up Sagas thrown across the commons, we’re heartbroken. If you’re done reading, just leave it on the table. We send extra editions off to elementary schools, the Board of Ed., and other places in town so they can see all the news we cover. They get put to use.
Show some respect, and please, don’t rip up our Sagas.

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