Do We Really Need New Year’s Resolutions?

Unpopular Opinion: New Year’s resolutions make it harder to follow through with change


New Year’s resolutions have quite the stereotype. You rarely ever hear a successful resolution story and around early February news stations, radio broadcasters, magazines, and social media are flooded with stories of forgotten goals and dropped routines.
A “New Year’s resolution” is more like a “thing to change for the first couple weeks of January.”
In my opinion, you are less likely to follow through with a change if you call it your resolution.
With their not-so-great reputation, New Year’s resolutions give their creators an easy out: the fact that no one else is following through either. It’s almost as if we anticipate that we will fail in any New Year’s resolution we create so, when it starts to get hard or inconvenient, it is very easy to give up- after all, that is what New Year’s resolutions are all about, right?
Forcing this type of change may actually make you less happy because you know you’re only doing it for the sake of the New Year, and not for yourself.
Dr. John Agwunobi, chief health and nutrition officer for Herbalife, said in an interview with NBC News that less than 7 percent of people follow through with their resolutions and achieve their goals. That’s about 93 percent of resolution makers that are left disappointed in ourselves and feeling unaccomplished. But the truth is, maybe it just wasn’t the right time to make a lifestyle change for that 93 percent. Sometimes we need consistency in our lifestyles instead of the pressure that comes with change.
That’s why, this year, I am not going to have a New Year’s resolution. My goal in 2019 is to end it happy and healthy- and that is it. I will probably get into a running kick sometime in the next 12 months and maybe eat super, super healthy for a couple weeks in June and most likely end all procrastination for a month in the fall. Those actions may or may not stick around and I’m okay with that. If I enjoy them, I’ll stick with them, and it I don’t, I won’t.
So away with New Year’s resolutions. Try to do what you need to do to make yourself happy when you need to do it. And if you feel like you need to make a resolution, this is a pretty easy one to keep: You choose when change begins in your life, the purchase of a new calendar does  not.

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