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More Clothes for Much Less

I’m a frequent bargain shopper, I love clothes but hate to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a shirt I know will go out of style in only matter of time. That’s why I frequent Goodwill when I’m itching for a new edition to my wardrobe.

You truly never know what you’ll find at Goodwill. You can buy all your clothing essentials for reasonable prices, the money goes to a good cause, and your recycling clothing, which is great for the environment! Why would I pay 25 dollars for a t-shirt when I could get it for 4 dollars at goodwill?

Because shopping at Goodwill is so fiscally responsible, bringing home several full bags is guilt free! There have been times where I’ve purchased multiple outfits for the price of one pair of jeans at a popular store. Another plus is you’re not sacrificing quality for a good deal, you can find many familiar and high quality brands at Goodwill for a fraction of what they would be if you had gotten them at the department store.

Clothes shopping at Goodwill has forced me to think outside of the box and be more creative, thinking of new ways to improve the clothing. Lately I’ve been adding embroidery to some of my jeans and because I get them for such a great price, I don’t feel bad about trying out something new on them.

Next time you’ve got the urge to shop, check out a thrift store. You may find exactly what you were looking for at a much better price.

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