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Day In Life at the CT DMV

My day in life at the not-so pleasant Old Saybrook DMV


It’s 7:30 in the morning, my alarm clock hasn’t even gone off, but I am already sprung up out of bed. Today is the day, the day I am gaining the freedom every 16 year old wants. I hop in the car with my mom, hands are sweaty, my knees are shaking. I had the worst butterflies I think I’ve ever had in my entire life. Finally we reach our destination, the full parking lot and extremely long line is nothing but intimidating. I walk through the doors of the not-so welcoming Old Saybrook DMV. Not knowing where to start, the lady at the front desk gives me this awful stare, like she was ready to rip everyone’s head off. “What are you here for” she says in the most monotone voice. When I had gone to explain I was taking my permit test, she cuts me off so quick and gives me a pointed finger in the direction I need to go. Now, already I was feeling unwelcome at what seemed like the most cold, dreaded place in CT. Standing in line with all ages of people ready to completely dominate this learner’s permit test. Then this man, this very tall man approaches me. “Let me see your paperwork” he says. No please, no sort of manners in any part of that sentence. “You have the wrong sheet, you need to get a new one” he says in the most disappointing voice. I thought this was it, I thought my shot at taking this test was over, my heart sunk to the ground. I could not take my eyes off this mans scary face, we had what felt like a 3 hour long staring contest only the most intense one possible. He reassures me in the most unwarming voice, by telling me that I need to proceed to the computer to the left and print out a new form. Finally, I have all my pieces in line and I’m ready for this permit test. I sit down at the computer, the rightmost computer, apparently the hardest computer. I am going through my questions and I reach #25, and I’m feeling confident. Then a red screen pops up. I failed, physically did not pass. My eyes begin to water, I did not want to leave my seat, did not want to accept the fact that I was not getting my permit test. Finally, I got up off of my seat in sheer disappointment. I slowly walk over to my mom with the saddest expression possible. I explain to her I did not pass. At first she thought I was joking, giving that is something I would do. But I most certainly was NOT joking. I don’t know if it was the negative atmosphere, or the weird man that was sitting next to me sneezing the entire test, but November 4th at the DMV was not my favorite day. Looking back on it now, now being permitted (I got none wrong the second time) I’m going to laugh at this for forever but in that moment all hope had been lost forever. So if you decide to conquer THE Old Saybrook DMV I warn you make sure you are ready for the death stares, the dreadful staff, and everything in between.

So happy permit testing saga viewers, until the next time,


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