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Music’s Hidden Gems

Have you ever seen all the tweets that say, “If you can’t go from country, to rap, to Hannah Montana, then you can’t ride with me”? Well, I am 100% one of those people.

Personally, I would call myself a Spotify enthusiast. I can spend hours upon hours searching for new songs in every genre you can think of. That, of course, generates a long list of artists whom most of my friends don’t even know about. So, for all of you that are interested in finding new music, I have a few artists you may not have heard of:


Why You Need to Listen:

AJR is an indie pop trio of three brothers who have created their own unique sound. I have never found an artist that comes close to their type of music. Their songs are perfect for blasting in the car or dancing with your friends. You can try and listen to it while you study, but you wouldn’t get much done. Some of you may have heard songs by AJR and not even know it. For example the song “Weak”, which was a very popular song in 2017, was written by them. If your looking for thrilling music that will boost your mood on a daily basis, I recommend giving AJR a listen.

For Fans Of: Jon Bellion

Rex Orange County

Why You Need To Listen: Rex Orange County is the name of the recording artist Alexander O’Conner. His music is a mix between soul and almost jazz. Certainly the type of music you listen to when you study or relax. Not only is Alexanders voice angelic, the lyrics are always relatable and get you in your feels.

For fans Of: Daniel Caesar, Post Malone, Khalid


Why You Need To Listen: For all you country/pop fans, Filmore could be your new obsession. Filmore is primarily a country singer but you don’t even have to be a country fan to like his music. He does a great job of blending electric elements into his songs. The joyful energy his music brings will make you wanna flashback to summer and chill on a beach with your friends.

For fans Of: Dan + Shay, Hunter Hayes, Sam Hunt

Marc E. Bassy

Why You Need To Listen: Marc E. Bassy is a young R&B/Rap singer and songwriter on the rise. Though he is a rap artist, his songs are tuneful. He doesn’t have the hard core and fast rap sound you typically hear. The first thing that draws you into his songs is his voice, it’s unlike any singer I can think of, but it forces you to continue listening. Some may know of him as the guy who sings “You & Me” (a very popular song of summer 16) but he has so many more hidden gems. Marc E. Bassy’s music is perfect for really any occasion depending on the song because each one provides a completely different vibe.

For Fans Of: Khalid, Blackbear, Bryce Vine

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