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My First Play

In my sixteen years, I’ve done nearly 10 musicals, but I had never once did a play until this past weekend. (Well, I did short little plays in elementary school but those definitely do not count.)

When the drama club announced the fall play I had to make a big decision: do I audition? Auditioning for a play was uncharted waters for me, the task of memorizing a monologue to audition with seemed impossible.Luckily, convinced a friend to audition with me which calmed my nerves significantly.

I chose a monologue from the play that wound up being from one of the more emotional scenes in the play. Almost, Maine is composed of a bunch of short stories about falling in and out of love. I didn’t end up completely memorizing my monologue and had to take it into the room with me.

I feel as though I should preface this by saying I shake at every audition, no matter how comfortable I am, my hands are always shaking. So when I walked on stage to audition for my audition it was no different; there I was with a folded up monologue in my hands while they shook endlessly. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go through with this but I thought of the incredibly cliche question, “what do I have to lose?” and the answer is nothing. I literally had nothing to lose, I’ve been rejected from a show before so if worse comes to worse I’ll just work backstage.

So I went for it. Sure, I could have done better and I did stumble over some my words, but I did it! I quickly thanked the directors and left the room feeling like I was walking on air. Auditions are terrifying but nothing beats the tremendous feeling of the weight being lifted off of your shoulders when you are done, nothing can beat it.

The next week I discovered that I wound up getting the part I auditioned for and thankfully my friend got in to. Rehearsals have been terrifying and exciting at the same time. I’ve never had so many lines to memorize or had such a difficult acting experience.

It’s just me and my scene partner on stage by ourselves for nearly eight minutes, not to mention I had to yell. I consider myself to be a pretty happy person, I don’t get angry too often and when I do I almost never express that by yelling. So yelling at someone on stage in front of an audience for almost eight minutes was a completely new experience.

If you came to see “Almost, Maine” this past weekend, thank you.

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