EL Marching Band is on the Rise

Kaylee McDonald

In the early 1980s the Viking marching band had over 300 members. They won many competitions and even a national title in 1982.

     Fast forward almost 40 years and ELHS band is looking to continue with the 1980’s momentum.  This year the band of almost 40 members won the state championship.

   New band director Angelica Fadrowski is building off of what she’s has, hoping to make it back to where it was in ‘82.

    “This season has been outstanding with all the hard work by all the students,” said Ms. Fadrowski. “The drive of the students has helped out the whole program.”

    Ms. Fadrowski creates a fun and exciting environment for students, which gives them motivation to succeed.

    “We’re part of the school culture in many different ways. It’s my second year here and last year was really building the foundation of the team. Now we’re just building off of that,” said Ms. Fadrowski.

    Drum Major Owen Rodgers, Assistant Drum Major Mae Czuba, Band/Woodwind Captain Ian Aldrich, Brass Leader/ Public Relations Representative Brody Monarca, Percussion Leader Sarah Singer, and Color Guard Captain Sophia Rogers have helped out tremendously with recruitment and Coach F says they couldn’t have won the title without their determined leadership.      

   “This year’s show is really fun with a big sax solo, color guard solo, brass and drum major solos,”  said Fadrowski.

    Ms.Fadrowski become very involved with the middle school program. Making sure students don’t drop their talent transitioning into the high school.

     Ms. Fadrowski has big plans for the future of the band and the past couple of years have only been the beginning.

    The dedication of all members has paid off and we’d like to congratulate the EL Marching Band on all of their success this year.


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