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Theatre’s Impact on Me

In third grade my mom took me to see a show being put on by East Lyme Regional Theater; this is the first time I remember seeing a musical. I distinctly remember getting chills during the show and leaving the high school auditorium with a feeling I couldn’t shake. It’s been seven years and I still get the same rush of emotion every time I see a musical.

The summer after I had seen this show I decided I was going to audition for the next one. I danced a little bit when I was younger and I always loved to sing on this karaoke toy in my living room. My grandma recalls that I really loved being on stage during dance recitals, but that happiness didn’t come from dancing (I’m not a good dancer). I think I rather felt joy from being on a stage.

I auditioned for the show by singing the national anthem, a little unorthodox I know, but I already had it memorized so there was no pressure. I don’t think I realized you were supposed to bring sheet music to an audition but luckily enough the man knew the national anthem on the piano. This audition ended up landing me a role as a munchkin in The Wiz, I even had a line!

“But watch out for a lot of spooky things!” I don’t think I’ll ever forget this line.

After that I caught theatre fever, I haven’t stopped since. Something about musical theatre is especially moving to me. A little more than a year ago I saw my first Broadway show and I cried through the entire thing. Not because I was sad but because I was overwhelmed. The best kind of overwhelmed, the beautiful singing, the live orchestra pit and the acting made me cry tears of joy.

I love being on the stage and in the audience. It’s magical how well music can tell a story and make the audience feel the same emotions a character on stage might be.

I’ve never gotten the thrill I get from live theatre with anything else, as cheesy as that sounds. Some people get their kicks from watching sports or playing instruments but I’m as happy as can be listening to a cast album or rehearsing for a show.

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  1. I have NEVER been in a show, but theatre has had a HUGE impact on me- musical theatre. The musicals I love continue to live in me long after the curtain falls: I treat characters as if they really existed: like they are real. They teach you many life lessons and you end up looking up to them. Theatre teaches you sympathy and empathy in many ways. It is hard to describe the impact theatre has had on my life- I know it has had a huge impact in my life- I cannot imagine my life without musical theatre

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