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My Favorite Holiday

Once it hits December 1st, I’m amped up on hot chocolate and Christmas music. Christmas doesn’t just happen on December 25th, it’s a month long event.

Really kicking off the season is when my sister, mom, and I go out to cut down the Christmas tree at Maple Lane Farms in Preston CT. This farm has been a family favorite ever since my first Christmas, so it holds a special place in my heart, especially since they make an effort to supply you with hot cocoa and cookies while they wrap your tree and assist you in strapping it on top of your car. Getting the tree home is the real challenge, as climbing up two flights of stairs attempting not to drop the tree is a two person job that typically my mom and I handle.

Afterwards, I get on a ladder leading up to the cold attic to retrieve the ornaments for the tree. I Place the more fragile and breakable ornaments to the top half of the tree and the less breakable ones towards the bottom so that my cat doesn’t break as many precious ornaments as she managed to break last year.

Once the tree is put up in our living room, we then break out the other decorations to put around the house such as my moms small Christmas tree that you can place small LED lights in and once its all lit up it really brings the whole room together.

Christmas dinner starts with waiting till everyone arrives to sit down and have whatever my mom plans on cooking. Prior to eating we all sit around my kitchen table and say grace before we eat. And then go back to where ever we were sitting and if you’re me and have been stuck at the kids table ever since your first Christmas, then you’ll wind up staying at that table inevitably.

No matter what holiday you celebrate everyone who spends it with family or friends takes time to have a conversation with a loved one they haven’t seen or simply catching up with friends and being present is what the holidays are all about.

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