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4 Reasons Not to Rip Up Your Saga

I get it we’re teenagers, we are filled with emotions, but there is no need for you to take up your pent up anger out on the latest edition of the Viking Saga by ripping it to shreds. So here’s 4 reasons why you shouldn’t destroy your copy of the Viking Saga.

1.)    It’s made by YOUR peers

There are many people on the Saga team and chances are you know one of them. Students are a part of every aspect of the Saga; we pitch the story ideas, assign stories, interview people, write the stories, edit them and create the format for each edition of the Saga. So by ripping up a copy of the Viking Saga, you’re destroying what many people worked a whole month on.


2.) It makes a MESS

When you leave your mangled copy of the Viking Saga on a table in the commons, somebody has to clean it up. It’s not fair to the Saga team or the janitorial staff to have to clean up your mess, especially when it could have been easily avoided by putting in your backpack or giving it to someone else to read.


3.) It makes me sad

Nothing has gotten me as fired up as I was when I saw someone tear apart a saga right in front of me. I have to ask, why? Does it bring you joy to destroy someone’s hard work?!?! But more than making me angry, it makes me sad that the perpetrator won’t be able to read the great stories by our J1s. There’s something for everyone in the Viking Saga and if you don’t read it, you’ll never get to find what article is for you.


4.) It can’t be saved

Not many people may know that after every distribution day, the chief editors of the Saga go around the copies collect the copies that have been abandoned in the commons, that way they can be put in our archive or sent out to different people who may want a copy. If the Saga is completely destroyed, there’s no chance that someone else would get the chance to read it.

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