Maxfield Brightens up the Library


Librarian brings unique decor to windows

If you have been in the library, be it rushing to do homework or just hanging out before school, you have probably noticed the impressively elaborate decorations in the front window. These creations are the brainchild of Library Assistant Christine  Maxfield.
Of her many talents, Ms. Maxfield cites her creativity as most helpful in making these inspirational designs a reality.
“The teachers and the students all inspire me! I do try to look at trends, Pinterest, store decorations, decorations in other libraries, etc., and of course chat with all the teachers and students to make sure that the front window is always fresh and engaging,” said Ms. Maxfield.
The creations have not gone unnoticed by students nor staff. Junior Evan Highley speaks for the school when he said, “They brighten up my day a little when I see them.”
She always has students in the front of her mind when putting up decorations in the library, saying that she “never wants a senior to walk by the library and say ‘Oh … there’s that same old window … I’ve seen it since I was a freshman.’ It should always be new.”
Among her favorite windows is the #Magicofstorytelling initiative. She was inspired by an internet post that showed a celebrity holding a book.
“After the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, I went home feeling very sad and disenchanted with the world in general. Why are we all so angry and mean to each other?” Ms. Maxfield said. “I picked up my iPad and was looking for anything positive in the news and found a photo of a celebrity holding a book. After looking into the reason for the photo and the details of the program, I thought it would work great here.”
When Ms. Maxfield is not brightening up the library, she is reading, playing with her dog, Stewart, or traveling around the globe.
“We [my husband and I] like to go on little adventures. So far we’ve been to Mexico, London, Ireland and Bermuda, and we hope to go to Italy, France and California eventually,” said Ms. Maxfield.

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