What Type of Thanksgiving Person Are You?


The different types of people on Thanksgiving

The Talkative Person
This is the person who never shuts up. Whether it’s complimenting the chef on the delicious food or talking about the exciting party you just went to, or blabbing about how fluffy and cute your cat is, or complaining about how your boss put you on the schedule for Thanksgiving so you had to text your co-worker Amanda to see if she could fill in for you, but she couldn’t so you had to ask Bill but it’s awkward because you guys don’t really get along at work… *catches breath* You get the point.

The Hungry Person
Your mind is focused on one thing the entire night: food. You’re the first person sitting at the table anxiously waiting for all your elderly family members to slowly make their way over so you can begin eating. First plate- gone in approximately 37 seconds. Second plate- you go back and get more of your favorites. Third plate- you’re full but there’s always room for more. There’s no time to talk to anyone when you’re shoving your face with a fourth plate. Now for dessert …

The Anti-Social Person
If you are this person, you are probably dreading having to see your weird Uncle Joe that you’re forced to talk to every Thanksgiving. Your plan for the Thanksgiving dinner is to quickly grab your plate of food, rush to any room that no other family member will be able to find you, and sit and watch Netflix or scroll through memes to avoid the awkward and uncomfortable small talk at the dinner table. You are always glancing at the clock to see when it’s time to leave, so you can sleep in your comfy bed.

The Nosey Person
“Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?” “Did you finally get a job working with bunnies?” “What’s your favorite James Bond movie?” “Do you really believe that aliens are going to take over the Earth someday?” These are just a few of the plethora of questions you may ask if you’re this person. You need to know everything going on in each family member’s life down to the small, specific details of what their AP Biology grade is or where they got their sweater dress from.

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