Star Artist of East Lyme High School


How one hidden artist of ELHS comes into the spotlight

You know him as an excellent student in one of your classes and a DJ at East Lyme High School. He was recently featured on the school’s morning show for his beautiful artwork around the halls. He might not, at first, seem like the typical artist that’s usually portrayed on social media. However his artworks are fully done.
Aiden Paterson is known for his artwork displayed throughout the B-wing halls. As of now, he has been working on a new project, that he says will be a surprise for many people.
Paterson is inspired by different fashions, social media, movies, and music genres to bring out new ideas for new pieces. His works around East Lyme are based off of social media and music. For example, Paterson created his “Tyler, The Creator” piece displayed in the downstairs hallway of the B-Wing. He also has a new piece of Mac Miller in the staircase of the B-wing.
“He’s very responsible. He’s creative. He loves to risk take, problem solve, and he’s a true artist. He’s not afraid to use different materials,” said Art teacher Rachel  Michaud.
His art is very different from the art you see around the rest of East Lyme. His father’s architectural background influences Paterson’s own style of art, making it appear unique. His pieces in the hallways of East Lyme are made of plywood, spray paint, and a glass sealant.
This unique form of artwork captures the interest of many of his classmates, “[It has] a lot of movement, and is very alive,” said senior Julia Angier.
“ My dad got me interested in art when I was really young,” Paterson states.
He feels inspired to go to an art school after high school just like his father, who studied art when he was Paterson’s age. His dad went to school for art and Aidan is considering following the same path. At some point, Paterson would love to do something big with his art, but for now he would like to focus on his work in school.
“It’s honestly the best feeling, like a sense of accomplishment. Especially when it turns out better than you expected,” said Paterson. The pride that comes with his artwork creates a positive energy throughout the school. For every piece he creates, he enjoys the end result, even the ones that are not shown on the walls of  ELHS.

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