Powder Puff: competition vs. fun?


What does it really take to play Powder Puff

Every year, 21 girls from the junior and senior classes sign up to go head to head against each other in an epic Powder Puff football game, where the hopeful juniors have a chance to regain glory after being defeated during Spirit Week by the seniors. But, are the games too competitive? Are the athletic standards unfair?
Powder Puff is a football game in high school where two rivalry classes compete in November for one common goal: bragging rights. The build-up every year becomes more intense and the race to sign up is competitive. This year was no different since many enthusiastic girls left class early before lunch to sign up to land a spot on the  team.
Throughout the years, girls have felt there are standards to who should play and who  shouldn’t.
“There are some people who really want to win. They look at the people who play and say ‘I don’t know if they should be doing it. They aren’t going to take it seriously,” said senior Sheala Contillo.
There is a common misconception that to be a successful teammate you must be a varsity athlete. Breaking this stigma, Contillo, a competitive dancer, took to the field for Powder Puff last year and shared concerns about the standards.
“They wouldn’t expect me to be athletic. I felt like if I showed them, I wouldn’t feel so judged,” said Contillo.
Although playing a contact sport may not be in every player’s element, neither is playing football. Every girl, varsity athlete or not, is challenging themselves to try something  new.
Supporting the idea of anyone can play, the Powder Puff coaches believe that every player has something to contribute to the  team.
“Everyone gets playing time. They can contribute as much as they can. The coaches can use each girl and bring her abilities out by putting her in a position made for her to be successful,” said coach David Perry.
While the obvious goal is to play your way to victory, the ultimate goal is to work as a team and be accepting of any person who jumps at this opportunity to try something different. A defender on the soccer team can pull the most flags, a sprinter for track can use their speed to run the ball, a dancer can use their agility to dodge opponents.
“Get out there and have fun. You don’t always get the chance to participate in activities like this,” said senior Jalen  Thompson.

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