Clicking Into Old and New TV Shows


A few old and new tv shows to kick off the season

The Middle
“The Middle” was a beloved show on ABC which recently finished its last season May 22 of last year. Many enjoyed this show because it centered around a middle class, American family that viewers found very relatable and humorous. Frankie Heck, a mom of three, struggled to fill the needs of all her children, but always found some time for herself. You can still find this excellent T.V. series for $1.99 an episode on Youtube, Amazon video, Itunes, Vudu, and Google play movies or you can go old school and wait for the reruns on T.V. It is also on Freeform with a paid subscription.

“Riverdale” is coming back for a third season that will premiere on Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. “Riverdale” is about a group of teens from all different backgrounds coming together in a small town that has some dark secrets. They have good intentions, to better the town from the darkness within, but as time goes on life in Riverdale gets more complicated as the darkness grows. They start by solving a mysterious murder, but as time goes on people are corrupted or killed. Surviving this wave of crime and aggression becomes harder and harder. With extreme amounts of drama, mystery, and moments that pull on your heart strings, “Riverdale” is a must watch series. Watch “Riverdale” on The CW for free, Netflix with a paid subscription, or buy individual episodes for $1.99 each on Youtube, Itunes, Vudu, Amazon Video and Google play T.V.

A Million Little Things
“A Million Little Things” premiered on Sept. 26, 2018, and has six episodes out as of now. “A Million Little Things” focuses on a friend group in Boston after one friend unexpectedly commits suicide. The friends look into the past and try to explain why this tragedy happened by uncovering the truth behind secrets. They also see it as a wake-up call to start living life to the fullest. Expect to see some life-changing adventures and an extreme amount of drama coming up. Episodes are available on ABC every Wednesday at 10 p.m., on Hulu and Freeform with a paid subscription, and on Amazon Prime video for $1.99 per episode.

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