Bringing ‘Fresh’ Energy


Freshman twins Meredith and Sarah Healy give varsity teams new energy

Being a freshman is hard.
Playing varsity sports as a freshman?
But for freshman twins Meredith and Sarah Healy, it is an accomplishment that has not come without great dedication.
Junior Kristen Healy, the twins’ older sister, says Sarah can be found on the turf almost every night, training for field hockey, a sport she had little experience with before high school. The decision to experiment with field hockey stemmed from seeing both of her older sisters play field hockey, as well as simply “growing out of soccer.”
Sarah, already having three sisters, has found many more on the varsity field hockey team. The team has welcomed the freshman in with open arms. Coach Kristy Behbehani noted that the team just sees Sarah as part of the team, instead of the only freshman on  varsity.
As for Meredith, the decision to play soccer was an easy one. She started playing in kindergarten and has been playing ever since, occasionally even playing on teams with athletes two to three years older than her. This competitive environment helped prepare her to play varsity as a freshman.
Sohomore Caitlin O’Dea has helped her through this first experience with high school sports.
“I love playing with her and she has taught me so much too,” said O’Dea.
Meredith has been close with O’Dea since she started playing soccer.
“We have always been friends and she’s taken me under her wing and helped me get to know other people,” said Meredith.
Both twins have showcased exceptional skills on their respective fields. Although only a freshman, Meredith contributes significantly to the team, has scored six times as of October 26, and has started multiple games.
“(Meredith contributes) a lot of heart, a lot of hustle, a great attitude, and a great work ethic,” said girls’ varsity soccer coach Rachel Redding.
Just as her twin, Sarah excels in her field of play as well.
According to Coach Behbehani, Sarah exhibits exceptional speed and game awareness, a trait nearly unheard of for a freshman, especially one who has never played field hockey before high school.
“She always seems to be in the right spot at the right time,” said Coach Behbehani.
Both twins provide great energy, both on and off the field, and have been known to be very coachable throughout their playing  careers.
“I wish there were more Healys I could get on my team,” coach Behbehani said.

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