Art for the Veterans Heart


Ceramics classes pitch in for making of Veterans Day tiles

When the brave service men and women come to the award-winning Veterans Day ceremony at ELHS, they can expect a full experience. The veterans will traditionally be served breakfast and lunch from the culinary department, and each will also receive a ceramic tile made by the Ceramics I and II  classes.
According to Ceramics teacher Eloise Gada, this whole project originated about four years ago, when the new Veterans Day programs were instituted.
“The students want to make something that they can give to the veterans as a way to give appreciation for their service,” said Ms.  Gada.
Many of the students specifically look forward to these tiles when they sign up for this class.
“Yeah, I do [look forward it], because we get to design it for an actual cause,” said senior Sara Dias.
Dias also participated in this process two years ago, as a sophomore.
All the participants in the tile making process will say how much effort goes into each of these tiles. Ms. Gada explained that from start to finish, the tiles take about two weeks to make.
“I really like when I open up the kiln and get to see them when they have the color on them. That’s the most exciting part,” said Ms. Gada.
This project works not only for the benefit of the veterans, but also to unify the students and school as a  whole.
“I always get really positive feedback about it, so it’s a nice process and I feel like it’s a great way to bring the school together,” said Ms. Gada.

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