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End of Summer Sox Game

Every year, it seems summer tries to hold on as long as possible, but it must eventually come to a close. But this year, I didn’t dwell on it ending, and couldn’t think of  and better way to end summer than with a Red Sox game at Fenway park.

I woke up bright and early on a Sunday morning at 8 a.m. to get ready for the trip to Boston.  I went through my morning routine of brushing my teeth, hair, and putting on my red sox shirt I had all picked out the night before. Grabbing a granola bar, my sister and I headed out to meet up with my dad.

After, pulling into the commuter parking lot in Rhode Island, we piled into my dads car and were on our way to Boston. We hitt traffic right in the heart of Boston, but weren’t concerned about being late to the game because we had roughly an hour to walk around and grab something to eat.

As we walked closer and closer to the stadium, we were swarmed by crowds of people dressed in the teams jerseys they were supporting. After the security check, we were on the hunt for some lunch in the stadium. We got in a line a mile long and waited to grab our lunch and find our seats, near second base.

All three of us sat down in our seats and ate while focusing in on the game. A ball flies into the stands everyone glances quickly into the clear blue sky. It flew over Fenway Stadium, and everyone was in the clear.

It’s the bottom of the ninth, the Mets are up by one and all the Red Sox had to do was strike them out and they’d earn there 103 winning streak. And they’ve done it. The Red Sox struck out the Mets. Everyone jumps out of their seats in a roar of approval.

Heading home back to Connecticut with a Red Sox hat in hand and a smile on my face that I witnessed a great win and an even better close to my summer.

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