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Getting Behind The Wheel

I want to start this by saying that driving is scary. I love the idea of driving but actually getting behind the wheel and having control of some pretty heavy machinery is a lot of pressure.

A few days after my sixteenth birthday I got my permit, which was easy peasy, but using my permit is a whole other story. I’ve driven only a handful of times, and every time I get a tight knot in my stomach.

I’ve been in drivers ed for more than a month and my license test is scheduled for December but I still have very little idea what I’m doing. I’m supposed to become a good driver in less than two months. No pressure.

I guess I can trace my fear of driving back to a particular go kart crash at an indoor track that my dad took me to when I was in sixth grade. I wasn’t the best driver to start but running into one of the walls and having my helmet fly off didn’t do much for my confidence. I’m starting to think I was more embarrassed than scared, after all I was with three male family members who all lapped me. So for now we’re going to blame my shaky driving on my dad.

Thanks dad.

I’ve driven in large parking lots and that’s gone pretty well, excluding one unfortunate incident (sorry mom!). But I think the idea of driving on the road with other people is the most terrifying. I already have to worry about me driving and now I have to consider what everyone else is doing? The fact that I could get into an accident that wasn’t my fault is what really worries me.

These next two months are going to be stressful, I may cry which is OKAY. Most of my friends have already gotten their licenses and they seemed to do it so easily. I’m just going to push myself a little bit farther out of my comfort zone with each excursion in the car.

No matter what I’m getting my license, because I’m sick of the bus.

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